Nature Printing

Nature Printing is collective term for techniques of creating images of nature on paper, cloth, or other surfaces with ink, pigment, dyes,or chemicals.
Nature printing is one of the earliest techniques in the human art- human handprints in the caves of prehistoric man are a form of nature printing.  Plant printing evolved in Europe as a means for the identification of herbs and medicinal plants. Some of the oldest plant prints are those made by Renaissance herbalists.

Variations of nature printing include pure botanical prints, which reproduce in exacting detail the features of a plant, including the roots, seeds, and flowers. Insect printing is another variation; the features of an insect such as a butterfly or dragon fly are inked and transferred to paper. Nature prints can be made from stones, bark, flowers, twigs, seaweeds-anything from nature with texture. A nature mono-print merges the colors, shapes and designs of diverse plant parts into an overall creative image. Gyotaku is another tool of this wildly variant art form



Heather often combines nature printing of seaweeds and water plants with her gyotaku to create underwater scenes.  She also uses a 30″ Takach brand etching press to create highly detailed botanical and nature mono-prints.