About Seaweed



Heather has long been fascinated with marine algae  and their many uses.  While an undergraduate at the University of Hawai’i  she researched and wrote a book about Hawai’i’s edible seaweeds, The Limu Eater ©1978, published by the Sea Grant program .  Although now long out of print, it is available as a pdf document on a government website.  

She later spent ten years in Sarasota, Florida, and was entranced by the beautiful tropical seaweeds, so similar to the seaweeds she knew in Hawai’i, and  created a laminated field guide to the common seaweeds of the West Coast of Florida..  This is available for purchase on her Etsy store.

Heather finds that one of the simple pleasures of life is walking on any beach to see what washes up, and has found ways to utilize beach washed seaweeds in her artforms, both in pressing and in nature printing.

After moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2012, she has fallen in love with the huge  kelp of the cool temperate waters, and has developed ways of processing the long stipes and fronds to use them in various art forms.